GEA – Global Entrepreneurship Academy, after the successful completion of the third season, begins the fourth season of multidimensional education & training in the field "Real Estate Expert & E-properties".


◼️ The training will take place over a period of 1 month (October 27- November 27) with participation 2 times a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 18:00 to 20:00

◼️ ◼️ The training will take place online on the Zoom Meeting Platform.

The Real Estate Expert & E-properties branch is conceived on three main pillars, which are the current methods in American and European vocational schools and the curricula that will be used will be the updated academic curricula.
The training would take place at the ETC Gallery or at the Tirana International Hotel, but in these conditions it will continue to take place online on the Zoom meeting platform.
During this training, professional analyzes of the entire Albanian real estate market will be made. The literature to be used will be American.
After the training, the participants in the training will be provided with a certificate.
This multidimensional training will explore and exhaust these areas and disciplines:
- Detailed analysis of the Albanian real estate market and its trends
- Venture in the real estate market
- Real estate appraisal
– Real estate registration
- Legal relations in the case of inheritance and property transactions
- Marketing and online marketing strategies to maximize real estate transactions
- How real estate entrepreneurship works in North American countries
- Training in real estate sales skills
- How to develop an online business in the field of real estate, digital strategies, ways to use tools.
All those who will finish this multidimensional branch of real estate, will acquire all the professional knowledge in the real estate market
They will receive all the professional knowledge for the registration of real estate, for the legal forms of its alienation, given through concrete case studies.
- All forms and legal consequences arising from property relations
- Marketing strategies and digital communication strategies
- Real estate appraisal with updated methodology
- Sales skills will be brought about through North American and Albanian market analysis
- Urban development of Tirana and tourist areas
- How can we use electronic maps, cartographic and construction details of properties. GIS systems
- How Real Estate Venture Develops Online and Interactive Explanation of Using Tools

The trainers will be: Well-known professors in the field, but who also have experience in entrepreneurship and are educated or trained in Western countries, notaries, lawyers, judges, architects, real estate appraisers, well-known and motivating speakers, well-known entrepreneurs real estate, Senior Marketing and Sales manager.

Enrollment Conditions: Each of the candidates who has completed high school, and is over 18 years old, has a Bachelor degree or has completed a Master of Science, after conducting an interview, is a potential candidate to conduct this multidimensional training.


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