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Global Entrepreneurship Academy fillon sezonin e ri të edukimit & trajnimit multidimensional në degën “Sipërmarrje & Menaxhim”. Regjistrohuni!

◼️ Trajnimi do të zhvillohet përgjatë një periudhe 3 mujore duke nisur nga data 26 tetor, me pjesëmarrje 2 herë në javë, të merkurë dhe të premte, në orën 18:00-20:00
◼️ Trajnimi do të zhvillohet online në Platformën Zoom Meetings.
◼️ Trajnimi është i konceptuar mbi 3 shtylla kryesore, që janë gjithashtu dhe metodat e sotme të aplikuara në shkollat profesionale amerikane dhe europiane.
1. Updated academic curricula.
2. Interactive practices taken as Case studies by the most popular western companies.
3. The literature used is American.

Ky Edukim-Trajnim Multidimensional do të eksplorojë dhe shterojë këto fusha dhe disiplina:
➞Personal development as one of the most important assets to be successful tomorrow.
➞ Entrepreneurship as the main discipline of this multi-dimensional branch.
➞ Management in all its dimensions - Art - Science - Practice.
➞ Market Marketing Strategy and Digital Marketing, as the only form today, to realize a digital communication in an organization or company.
➞ Accounting knowledge for managers and entrepreneurs, as well as Financial Planning
➞ Leadership Power, Leadership in Business and its Most Successful Forms Today, in Western Companies.
➞ Strategic Human Resource Management and the latest recruitment and selection methods.
➞ Legal and financial functioning of a business organization - Capital Markets & Stock Exchanges
➞ How to use and understand the power of art when intertwined with the marketing campaigns and the company brand: basic knowledge in photography, video, banner advertising, digital graphics and online technological tools (tools) in their function.
➞ How to manage all work processes via mobile: platforms and applications needed.
➞ E - Commerce, how to use all the right techniques for online sales.
➞Sales will be brought to you as one of the most important skills of a manager.
➞ Preparation and presentation of a ‘Business Plan’
➞ The best entrepreneurial practices realized in Albania, will be brought to you, by the most successful entrepreneurs in Albania today.

◼️ All participants in the training will be provided with a certificate.

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