For the first time in Albania by Global Entrepreneurship Academy 

a multidimensional curriculum in the fields of:

1. “Entrepreneurship and Management” & 2. “Real Estate and E-Properties”

We offer multidimensional education and training 3 months and 5 months developed by renowned professors and entrepreneurs coming from the world of business, organizations and associations, with a multi-year and concrete expertise in the Albanian market but not only. The training is conducted in Albanian language.

What is special about GEA? With us, everything you will learn is fully applicable.

The main difference between a 3-month and a 5-month curriculum lies in the fact that:

During the 3 months in the branch "Real Estate and E-Properties" you prepare as a complete real estate agent with basic market knowledge and you can start your internship with full competencies, as well as in the branch "Entrepreneurship and Management" as a business manager with Senior level skills to run a venture.    


At the end of 5 months you are fully prepared to be a successful candidate in opening your own personal venture.

WHY choose GEA Academy?

Having an MBA in the field of entrepreneurship is very good, but having an Education-Training at the GEA Academy means a shorter time spent, a fully applied knowledge by trainers, most of whom are professors and at the same time successful experts or entrepreneurs in their areas of expertise .. That is The American Way of Entrepreneurship.

If you call now or send me an email code # GEASezoni2, you will receive a 15% discount from the normal training price. If you come along with a friend, you will get 20% discount each

But, we all know that "A picture speaks with more than 1000 words"so we are sharing with you the link of the album of the award ceremony of the first season of GEA to get to know more. to get to know us even more.

Thank you for taking the time to read this e-mail.
We hope to see you soon in our virtual classroom. 
Together, let’s #thinklikeaninnovator

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