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Global Entrepreneurship Academy

Global entrepreneurship academy

GEA Academy Board Members

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Gentjan Shaqiri

Dr. Gentjan Shaqiri

Professor of Leadership & Management 

MBA-Ing Afrim Osmani (2)

MBA-Ing Afrim Osmani

Ceo of GEA Academy Professor of Entrepreneurship & Management

Dritan Mezini

Dritan Mezini

Founder of DM Consulting & Co-founder of duapune.com 

Avinash Ananda

Avinash Ananda

Expert in Leadership & Success

Loreta Peci

Loreta Peci

Partner & CEO of PwC Albania & Kosovo

Armelida Shtiza

Armelida Shtiza

CEO Tirana Immobiliare & Ekspert në Pasuritë Patundshme

Toni Najdeski

Toni Najdeski

Creative Director of GEA Academy & Expert in Design & Film

Gerti Boshnjaku

Founder of Business Magazine Albania & CEO of New Media Communications

Amir Esmaeilakhtar

Amir Esmaelakhtar

Professor in Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Tomi Kallanxhi

Tomi Kallanxi

CEO of shpi.al & Big Media Expert

Valer Pinderi

Valer Pinderi

CEO of Aladini & Bukinist 


Gea's mission is to bring to its students updated theoretical knowledge and entrepreneurial practices. This is accomplished through coaches, most of whom are successful professors and entrepreneurs.

To be an important and influential factor in promoting the role of entrepreneurship in society.
To develop new and innovative initiatives, to challenge the status quo, to develop and increase to high levels, the same as in the West, entrepreneurial skills, not only of existing entrepreneurs, but also more of young entrepreneurs.



To carry out all the trainings that are necessary for entrepreneurship. To become the number 1 institution in the entire territory where Albanian is spoken and to create an added and competitive value in the human capacities of enterprises.

Our values

Mission of change - professionalism - mentality achievement - integrity - positive energy - human love - dream pursuit


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