3 Month Multidimensional Education & Training in Entrepreneurship & Management

Duration of Training

The Academy has prepared the 3-month Education & Training curriculum, so that at the end of the training, everyone is ready with the knowledge they have acquired, to create their own venture.

The training will take place for 12 weeks, with participation twice a week, (Wednesday and Friday), at 18:00.

Start of Training

Real Estate & E-Properties Expert, starting October 27, 2020 through March 23, 2021.


 Via the online Zoom Meeting platform.

Training Fee:

Full fee: Payment is 499 euros.
Payment is made in installments, if the minimum fee of 100 euros has been paid initially.
If the payment is made immediately, it is 400 euros. If one of the participants does not meet the expectations, he can leave after the first module, withdrawing the amount of 100 euros of registration.

All participants in the training will be provided with a Certificate.

To join the training, send an email to

[email protected] or [email protected]

ose mund të dergoni SMS në +355 69 2020558.


Training Description

The goal

  •  GEA Academy completed the first season of education and training, already as the beginning of a success story, finalizing it with the awarding of certificates dt. 16 September 2020.
  •  We guarantee you that our ambitions are to raise an entrepreneur who competes with today's Albanian and world challenges.
  • The training is conceived on three main pillars, which are also today's methods in American and European vocational schools.
    1. Updated academic curricula.
    2. Interactive practices taken as Case studies by the most popular western companies.
    3. The literature that is going to be used will be American.

Each one of you will be able to increase his expectations tenfold!

Who is this training suitable for?

  • Each of the candidates who has finished high school, and is over 18 years old, has a Bachelor's degree or has completed a Master of Science, after conducting an interview, is a potential candidate to conduct this multidimensional training.
  • Professionals of all fields.
  • Managers and employees of all levels.
  • Business executives and public administration employees.

This multidimensional training will explore and exhaust these areas and disciplines:

➞Personal development as one of the most important assets to be successful tomorrow.
➞ Entrepreneurship as the main discipline of this multi-dimensional branch.
➞ Management in all its dimensions - Art - Science - Practice.
➞ Market Marketing Strategy and Digital Marketing, as the only form today, to realize a digital communication in an organization or company.
➞ Accounting knowledge for managers and entrepreneurs, as well as Financial Planning
➞ Leadership Power, Leadership in Business and its Most Successful Forms Today, in Western Companies.
➞ Strategic Human Resource Management and the latest recruitment and selection methods.
➞ Legal and financial functioning of a business organization - Capital Markets & Stock Exchanges
➞ E - Commerce, how to use all the right techniques for online sales.
➞Sales will be brought to you as one of the most important skills of a manager.
➞ The best entrepreneurial practices realized in Albania, will be brought to you, by the most successful entrepreneurs in Albania today.

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